How to Order

Welcome to Footprints Farm online store.  We are excited to be your farm and to bring local and fresh foods to you.  Here are simple instructions to start buying healthy.

  1. Login or set up your account with us. 
  2. After login is complete you will return to the home page.  Select your meats and produce items for purchase from the icons at the bottom of the page and place into your shopping cart.
  3. After all selections are made- proceed to check-out.  Only 3 steps to complete your order.
    1. Delivery Information…Mark your delivery drop details…place/date/time where you are meeting the Footprints Farm team to pick up your order.
    2. Payment Info…Payment reminder… The prices shown are estimates, the actual prices will be calculated after weighing your products.  We accept cash or check at the time of pick up.  Checks are made to “Footprints Farm”
    3. Confirmation... Check your order and when satisfied press complete order.
  4. Log off
  5. When your order is completed you will receive a confirmation email including the place, date and time you placed in your order for a reminder.  
  6. Then meet us at the drop location on the correct date & time.  Please remember to bring a cooler with you.
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